Every dog has its day 狗也有得意之时

英語學習點: Vocabulary: Dogs 狗

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Image caption A dog can dress up as anything and win an Oscar too

A dog's day might never be the same considering the attention pooches have been getting recently. An advert claiming to be the first aimed directly at them has been screened on television in Britain.

It features high-frequency sounds, whistles and barks intended to catch the attention of watching canines but that can't be heard by most humans. Far from being a barking mad move, it indicates that the advertising companies have sniffed out a promising new consumer in man's best friend.

And dogs seem to be ready to come out of the doghouse in other fields too. For those who have seen The Artist, few seem able to resist Uggie's animal magnetism. This Jack Russell has been receiving praise that would make Lassie jealous.

The 10-year-old four-legged performer showed that it's a mistake to think that you can't teach old dogs new tricks and picked up the animal equivalent of an Oscar at the prestigious Golden Collars in Century City, California.

And soon dogs might rival human supermodels on some famous catwalks. Spending on clothing for pets is expected to break the 20 million-pound mark (200 million yuan) in 2012 in the UK, according to market assessment firm MTW Research.

Across the Atlantic, a US retailer sells everything from colourful polo shirts to fancy dress costumes. Its customers can let their imagination off the leash and even dress their dogs to look like dinosaurs!