Take the plunge 冒險嘗試

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David Boudia and Nick McCrory in action during the Diving World Cup in London.

Two divers plunge into the water during the Diving World Cup in London. Photo by Clive Rose.


動詞 to plunge 是往下跳的意思,比如:When we arrived at the lake, my brother plunged into the cold water.


Synchronised diving became an Olympic sport in 2000. The main factors the judges consider when they give a score are the starting position and take-off, the execution of the dive and the entry into the water. If there are two divers it」s important their movements are synchronised.

雙人跳水在 2000 年正式成為奧運會參賽項目。評委評分時主要考慮給分的幾點是起點位置,起跳,空中動作及入水。在雙人跳水比賽時,兩位選手的同步動作非常重要。

短語 take the plunge 往往用來形容我們下定決心做某件高難度的事情。


I'm going to take the plunge and move to France. I've been dreaming of it for years and I'm finally going to do it!

My brother is going to take the plunge and quit his job. He's been meaning to leave for months.

Let's take the plunge and buy a house!


另一個從跳水運動演變而來的表達是 to dive/jump in with both feet, 兩隻腳一起跳下水。這個表達的意思是很快全身心地投入某件事情。

Rachel jumped in with both feet when she started her new job. She learnt everything very quickly.

When I started English lessons I dived in with both feet: I practised every day and rapidly improved.


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