Full steam ahead! 全速前進!

更新時間 2012年 2月 29日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間17:39
Fiona Boubert proposes to her partner Neil Kennedy next to a steam train.

Fiona Boubert proposes to her partner Neil Kennedy on the Watercress Line steam railway on leap year day - 29 February. Photo by Chris Ison.


Full steam ahead 意思是充滿信心地和精力飽滿地全速前進。



There is a tradition in Ireland and Scotland that women are allowed to propose on leap year day. If the man turns her down, tradition dictates that he should buy her fabric or a fine gown!

愛爾蘭和蘇格蘭有一個傳統:在潤年二月二十九這天女子可以向男子求婚,不過萬一男子謝絕女方,那麼這名男子要給女的買一塊衣料(蘇格蘭)或一件晚禮裙 ( 愛爾蘭 )

We've had months of setbacks but now it's full steam ahead. We should have the new product out by April.

We're going full steam ahead with our plans to extend the kitchen.


不要把這個短語和另一個短語to do something under your own steam 混淆起來,後者的意思是獨立完成某事。

I made the whole film without help; the script, the direction, the editing – I did it all under my own steam.


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