With flying colours 成功的喜悦

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短語 with flying colours 的意思是某人表現出色,取得了極好成績。


My daughter passed her exams with flying colours! We're going out to celebrate tonight.

'Did John pass his driving test this morning?' 'Yes, he passed with flying colours.'


還 有一個短語to show one's true colours, 意思是當某人的本來面目或性格表現出來了。有一支很有名的歌 True Colors, 歌詞中有一段 "And I see your true colors shining through". 意思是 I can see your real personality and who you are 我能看到真正的你。但這個短語也可以帶有貶義,比如:

Tom showed his true colours in the restaurant – he was so impatient and started shouting at the waitress!

Tom 在餐廳裏終於原形比露了,他很沒耐心,對服務員大吼大叫!

請注意單詞'顏色' 在美語裏的拼寫是 color, 在英式英語裏是 colour.