To paint the town red 漫城狂玩儿

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Will: Hello! I'm Will. It's Friday night – time to have fun! This is the Burning Swan - my favourite pub. I'm just waiting for Li. Oh there she is. My goodness! What is she wearing this time?

Li: Hi Will.

Will: Hi Li! Nice... blue overalls!

Li: Thank you, 這些都是新買的工作服 overalls, 專門為今天晚上凖備的。

Will: Okay. I don't really follow fashion, but in London at least, overalls are really just for builders and painters and carpenters.

Li: Yes, you're right! 好了我們從哪兒開始呢?

Will: Eh? What are you doing?

Li: 這裏看上去是挺單調的。

Will: Why have you got a can of paint?

Li: 特別是對面兒的那堵牆,你看漆都掉了。Shall we?

Will: Li, what are you doing? You can't just walk into places and start repainting their walls! Don't! Stop it! Don't! I love that brown colour!

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Image caption Can you 'paint the town red' in the tomato fight festival in Bunol, Spain?

Li: Will,你不是說要刷成紅色嗎?

Will: No! No-one wants it to be red!

Li: But didn't you say that tonight we'd paint the town red, starting with this pub – 你不記得了今天早上你說我們要把這城市刷成紅色的,還說就從這個酒吧開始!

Will: It's just an expression! It means that we'll go out and have a really exciting, crazy time. We'll paint the town red – it just means we'll have fun, not actually paint things.

Li: OK. To paint the town red 是一個短語意思是在城裏狂玩兒。

Will: Let's listen to some examples.

It's my daughter's birthday today. She's gone out with her friends. I expect they'll paint the town red!

We had a crazy night on Saturday, we painted the town red.

Li: 好了Will, 你來說說你的想法把,你凖備怎麼個狂玩兒?What's your idea of painting the town red?

Will: We drink, we dance, we laugh loudly, we meet people, we stay up all night.

Li: 嗯,不過我覺得,我還是想粉刷一下,你看,這面牆多舊呀。

Will: No, Li, stop! We'll get arrested. You'll ruin our night out!

Li: Isn't that colour so much better?

Will: No, Li, just stop please!

Li: 你看這紅色的多好看哪!

Will: Li!