Don't be a chicken! 不要胆怯

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Image caption People pack a city square wearing chicken beaks in an attempt to set a world record for the most people wearing animal noses at a single venue. Photo by Chris Clark


在英語裏人們往往用 chicken 這個詞來表示一個膽小鬼。那麼 Don't be a chicken 意思就是「別害怕,別膽怯」。


You」re such a chicken, you won」t even give skiing a try!

He called me a chicken just because I didn」t want to swim in the ice cold water!

Don」t be such a chicken, just ask her out!


To play chicken - 意思是較量看看到底誰勝誰負 chicken out 意思是服輸退出的意思。

The company chairman is playing chicken with the shareholders. He knows that the share price will go down if they sack him so he's betting they will back down.