Chuffed to bits 心满意足

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Chuffed to bits 是英式俚語意思是對某事心滿意足,美滋滋的。


I'm chuffed to bits with my new car!

Anna got three Cs for her A-level exam results. That was better than she was expecting - in fact, she was chuffed to bits!


注意在表達心滿意足的時候你不一定非要加 to bits. 你完全可以單獨使用 chuffed 意思也同樣是心滿意足。

I'm pretty chuffed about my new job.

另外 chuff 這個詞也是一個像聲詞用來形容蒸汽機聲。

The old train puffed and chuffed its way up the hill.