Easter egg hunt 复活节彩旦大搜索

Easter eggs on display
Image caption This Easter egg has been decorated... to look like an egg.

In this special edition of On the Town, Yang Li and Alice do a traditional Easter activity - they go on an Easter Egg hunt.

But this Easter egg hunt is a little different from normal. Famous artists and designers have decorated 200 eggs which were originally hidden all over London. Decorating eggs is another Easter tradition.

Tourists and Londoners had to find all the eggs in order to win a special prize.

Now all the eggs have been brought together in Covent Garden and they will be auctioned to raise money for charity.

Yang Li asks some visitors how much they would pay for one of the eggs... and she learns some 'eggcellent' phrases. Do you know what these mean?

To have egg on one's face

Walking on eggshells

A chicken and egg situation