In the same boat 同舟共济

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Image caption It's 100 years since the Titanic set sail on her ill-fated maiden voyage.

In the same boat 同舟共濟

當大家都坐在同一條船上的時候 in the same boat, 這就意味著所有人都處於同樣的不樂觀的境況。


Youth unemployment is so high in Europe at the moment but everyone's in the same boat – no-one can find a job.

The whole class came down with chicken pox on a school trip. It completely ruined the holiday but at least all the children were in the same boat.

There were hundreds of us waiting to get a visa from the embassy. Knowing everyone was in the same boat was made the long wait easier.


另一個短語to miss the boat 有著不同的含義,它的意思是坐失良機,機會已經失去了。

I wanted tickets to see Adele but by the time I went online they were already sold out. I missed the boat.