Pull yourself together 振作起来

A crowd of Nepalese men pulling on ropes Image copyright AP
Image caption Nepalese devotees pull an ancient chariot as they celebrate the Bisket Jatra festival in Katmandu, Nepal.

Pull yourself together 振作起來

如果有人叫你pull yourself together,意思就是告訴你要控制自己的情緒或行動。


He's finding it hard to pull himself together after the accident.

Pull yourself together and stop drinking so much!

You」re driving like a maniac! You need to pull yourself together before someone gets hurt.


不要把pull yourself together 和to stick together 這兩個短語混淆了。'To stick together' 的意思是和某人在一起。

If it is dark and cold when we walk through the forest, then we had better stick together.