Fashion victim 时装努

Models on a catwalk Image copyright Getty
Image caption Models on the catwalk as part of Alternative Fashion Week in London.

Fashion victim 時裝努

如果形容一個人是 A fashion victim 那麼就意味著這個人是個被流行牽著鼻子走的人,時裝奴。


Look at Dave. He's wearing ridiculous skinny jeans and a leather jacket even though he's 50. He's such a fashion victim.

Does this purple Mohican suit me? I know, I know, I'm a real fashion victim.

I went for a drink last night in a trendy bar and everyone was wearing these huge glasses. They thought they were really cool but they looked absurd – real fashion victims.


另一個同流行有關的詞語是 fashionista. A fashionista 就是撰寫有關時裝評論與報導的人。

I watched an interview on the news last night with this fashionista talking about how certain styles have always been trendy.