Come to the rescue 营救

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Image caption Emergency workers rescue a man who fell into Niagara Falls in Canada. The man is only the third known to have survived such a fall without safety equipment. Photo: Harry Rossetani

Come to the rescue 營救

當某人 comes to the rescue 意思就是及時到達營救解圍。這個短語也常常用於形容糟糕的情況而並不一定是生命危機時才能使用。


I left my passport at home and only realised on my way to the airport. Fortunately my friend came to the rescue and drove to the airport with it.

She locked herself out of the house. Her neighbour came to the rescue with a spare set of keys.


A rescue party 指的是一組救援隊,他們經常被派出營救那些失蹤或受困的人們。

The rescue party reached the stranded mountaineer after he spent five days lost on the peak.