Nip it in the bud 防患於未然

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A woman looks at different coloured lilies in a garden

A woman with a white flower in her hair walks through a garden of lily buds and flowers during the Chelsea Flower Show in London. Photo: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Nip it in the bud 防患於未然

短語to nip it in the bud 意思是防患於未然或消滅於萌芽狀態。


Liliaceae, or the lily family, is one of the largest plant families, with about 3,500 species distributed throughout the world. They are mainly ornamental plants, but include vegetables of the onion family (Onion, Garlic, Leek, Chives) and Asparagus, and some species have been used medicinally.

百合屬植物總共擁有 3500 多種科屬, 分佈在世界各地。 其中多數為裝飾鮮花, 不過其中也包括了洋蔥類蔬菜,比如洋蔥,大蒜,大蔥和韭菜。另外還包括了蘆筍,有些植物被用於藥物治療。


If he doesn't nip it in the bud, then the problem could soon get much worse.

She thought it was a very dangerous idea and should be nipped in the bud immediately.


另一個短語to nip out for something, 意思是快去快回。

Could you nip out to the shop and get me some milk, please?


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