Playing the Queen 随身英语:饰演英女王

Vocabulary: impersonation and mimicry 詞匯:冒充和模仿

Image copyright BBC World Service

As HM Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee fast approaches, one group of people are really making the most of the opportunity.

These people are unique in their 'royal duties', but they don't work for the Queen; they impersonate her. This month the Queen's look-alikes are out in force.

Margaret Southcoat has been working as a professional impersonator of the Queen for 13 years. As Britain prepares to celebrate 60 years of the Queen's reign, she says her diary has never been busier. The actress has a full schedule of events where she will be fooling people into believing she is the real thing.

Elizabeth Richard is another professional look-alike whose uncanny resemblance to the Queen has led to her portraying the monarch at many press events. Her attention to detail includes wearing clothing that closely mimics that of Her Majesty, including elegant dresses, jewellery and hats.

Earlier this month, another counterfeit Queen sparked a frenzy at a shopping centre in Shanghai. Crowds flocked to try and get a glimpse of the substitute sovereign, but after a double-take they soon realised she was a fake. But the knock-off version still provided an amusing photo opportunity for everyone.

With so many enthusiastic fans of the Royal Family around the world, these dead ringers are able to keep the fascination with the Royal Family very much alive. So if you saw someone who looked like the Queen, would you be able to tell the difference?