Milking it 白蹭、榨取

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Image caption Scottish driver Dario Franchitti celebrates his victory as he becomes the 10th driver in 96 years to win three or more of the Indianapolis 500 mile races. Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Milking it 白蹭、榨取

當某人 milk something 時,意思就是這個人想盡辦法從某件事情或人身上取得最大利益。這個短語也帶有白蹭或榨取利益的意思。


Martha's mother won a lot of money in the lottery and her daughter has been milking it and buying the most expensive clothes she can find.

The play was the hit of the year on Broadway and the cast has been milking the applause for months.


To cry over spilled milk 意思是為了已經發生的事情而後悔或哭泣是沒用的,事實已不能改變,世上沒有後悔藥。

You didn't accept my invitation for the party yesterday and ended up home alone. There is no point in crying over spilled milk now!