Treading water 踩水

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Image caption A man with hydro shoes flies over water at a beach on the Baltic Sea in Sopot, Poland. Photo: Patrik Stollar

Treading water 踩水

當你在 treading water 時,這就是指你處於停滯階段,沒有發展。


I feel like I」m treading water at work. I feel like I」m never going to get a promotion.

I」m not enjoying this degree course any more. I」m just treading water.


另一個短語 tread on someone」s toes 的書面意思是踩到了別人的腳趾頭,指干涉別人的事情,得罪別人。

Alan keeps treading on my toes and doing the rota when it」s supposed to be part of my job.