Making a clean sweep 重新开始/压倒性胜利

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Image caption Children in Bali take part in a mass clean up in a pioneering project to protect the environment. Photo: Mike Clark

Making a clean sweep 重新開始/壓倒性勝利

如果某人在 make a clean sweep 意思是他凖備徹底的重新開始做事情。這個短語同時也可以指取得壓倒性的勝利,尤其是體育比賽或競選。


Laura is determined to make a clean sweep of her house this Christmas. She is going to replace all the kitchen appliances and upgrade her home entertainment system.

The Chinese team is hoping to make a clean sweep of the table tennis competition at this year」s Olympic games.


短語 sweep something under the carpet 把東西掃到地毯下是指試圖隱藏或者忽視一個問題而不去處理它。

When it comes to the issue of the equality of pay, the management often try to sweep it under the carpet.