All dolled up 打扮得花枝招展

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Image caption All dressed up with a good place to go. Amber and her sister Emma pose outside Lady Gaga」s gig in Brisbane. This is the first of the singer」s 14 shows in Australia. Photo: William West

All dolled up 打扮得花枝招展

如果形容一個人all dolled up 就表示這個人打扮得花枝招展,漂漂亮亮的。


I have to rush home to get all dolled up for the party tonight!

Mary opted for a simple white suit for her wedding because she is too shy to walk down the aisle all dolled up.


A dolly bird 意思是打扮漂亮,但沒有什麼頭腦的女子。

Madge is very ambitious in her career but people have been dismissing her as just a dolly bird.