Down-to-earth 实实在在

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Down-to-earth 實在

如果有人說你是 down-to-earth 那麼意思是說你是一個很實在的人。


I love the fact you're so down-to-earth and have a logical, straightforward approach to problems.

Mary thought they were going to make millions with the new company, but Sarah was more down-to-earth and knew the profits wouldn't be that high.

My ex-boyfriend was so unrealistic about things. I hope I'll meet someone who is more down-to-earth.


如果某個人不是 down-to-earth, 不實在,那麼我們可以形容他為 head in the clouds, 意思是和現實脫節或者無法集中注意力。

My son always has his head in the clouds. His teachers say he never concentrates in class!

You must have your head in the clouds if you think they're going to promote you this year.