To turn on its head 完全改变

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Image caption A woman poses with an untitled piece by sculptor Anish Kapoor at Sotheby」s auction house in central London. The piece」s estimated value is over US$ 600,000 and it is part of an Impressionist and Modern Art and Contemporary Art sale. Photo: Leon Neal

To turn on its head 完全改變

當我們說 to turn (something) on its head, 這個短語的意思就是完全改變什麼事情。另外它也指完全錯誤的理解了一件事情。


The internet has turned the music industry on its head. Today many people would rather buy their favourite tracks straight from websites rather than a shop.

Picasso turned art on its head.


當我們看到 turn heads 這個短語時,意思就是指某人特別有意思或者很有魅力,以至於其他人的目光不由自主的被他們吸引。

Thelma was used to turning heads. She」s always taken care of her figure and walks around with the best clothes.