Fly by the seat of your pants 凭感觉试试看

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Chris: Hi, I'm Chris and I'm here today with Li.

Li: Hello.

Chris: Did you see that Superman film on television last night? I love Clark Kent. By day, he's just a regular guy, but he also has the power to fly! It's a classic movie.

Li: No, I didn't see it. 我房頂上的天線壞了,我也不會修。I can't watch anything at the moment.

Chris: That's a shame. If you want, I could have a look to see if I can fix it for you? I'd be flying by the seat of my pants, but it's worth a try.

Li: 什麼你能飛? 就像超人那樣飛?難道你也會像超人那樣把短褲穿在褲子的外面?

Chris: No, I don't mean I can actually fly – and I'm certainly not putting my underwear on over my trousers! The phrase 'to fly by the seat of your pants' means to do something difficult without being trained to do it or really knowing how.

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Image caption Is he flying by the seat of his pants?

Li: So I don't have to worry about actually seeing your pants?

Chris: No, Li, you don't have to see my pants – it's just a phrase.

Li: I see – 你的意思是雖然你並不內行,但你要試試看,爭取幫我把天線修好。

Chris: Exactly. Let's hear some more examples of the phrase in action.

<span >Examples

  • This report has to be finished today but no one is here to show me how to do it. I'll be flying by the seat of my pants, but I'd better try.
  • John is trying to put new tiles in the bathroom, as he won't pay for a decorator to do it. He is really flying by the seat of his pants.

Li: 聽上去這個短語的意思就是雖然不懂但是想動手試試看。

Chris: People often use this phrase when they have to do a job quickly, but don't know how.

Li: So, do you think you can fix my aerial?

Chris: Well, I'll certainly give it a try – have you got a ladder, then…?


Chris: Well, there you go. I really did fly by the seat of my pants, but it looks like it's fixed.

Li: 真的!我來試試看… 哎,有了,有了,圖像很清楚。 You know Chris, even though you don't have your pants like Superman, you really are my hero.

Chris: Erm… thanks.