A bird's eye view 鸟瞰

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Image caption Seagulls fly near Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth in Scotland where Gannets are nesting. Photo by Jeff J Mitchell.

A bird's eye view 鳥瞰

鳥瞰 a bird's eye view 意思是俯視,是因為居高臨下,一覽無餘,讓你能俯視全景。


From the aeroplane we got a bird's eye view of the spectacular snow capped mountains.

From the top floor of our hotel we had a bird's eye view of the city below.


短語as free as a bird 形容的是完全沒有約束,無憂無慮的感覺,就像一隻自由飛翔的小鳥。

Eg: I was as free as a bird when I finished my final school exam.

After quitting my job I felt as free as a bird as I could do exactly what I wanted.