Hang on 等等

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Image caption Torchbearer Josephine Loughran hangs onto a steam locomotive while carrying the Olympic Flame. Photo: Ben Birchall

Hang on 等等

短語 hang on 的直接翻譯是掛在什麼東西上面,就像圖中顯示的那樣。更常用的意思是請他人稍等片刻。


Can you hang on for five minutes? I'd like to come with you but I need to make a phone call first.

Hang on a minute – don't leave without trying some chocolate cake!

Hang on! Look over there, isn't that Joe in the yellow T-shirt and straw hat?


英語中我們有時會告訴別人 to hang in there. 這是一個口語化表達意思是在困難時期堅持下去。

Even though you hate your job, just hang in there for a couple more months, it will look great on your CV!

I know you can't stand your mother-in-law but just hang in there, the evening will be over soon.