Something fishy 有点可疑

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Image caption A man with a dog takes a photo of a giant model of a fish made from plastic bottles in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Photo: Ricardo Moraes

Something fishy 有點可疑

如果說 something fishy 意思就是一件事情讓人覺得可疑。


Hang on, my laptop was here a second ago. Something fishy」s going on.

There」s something fishy about that guy. He never looks at you when he speaks.

There」s something very fishy about the explanation they gave for the cancelled train. I wonder what」s going on.


另一個短語 a fish out of water 意思是如魚離水,不得其所。

You should have seen the boss dancing at the office party - real fish out of water!