To wax lyrical 滔滔不绝

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To wax lyrical – 滔滔不絕

如果一個人 wax lyrical 那就是說他開始對某事滔滔不絕地談起來。類似漢語裏我們常說的高談闊論或滔滔不絕。


Sarah」s been waxing lyrical about her new job, she really loves it.

Don」t get him started about his children – he」ll wax lyrical about them for hours.

Our girls」 night out was so boring because Kerry waxed lyrical about her boyfriend the whole time.


英語動詞 boast 意思是吹噓,吹捧,自大自誇。

John gets on my nerves – he was boasting about his new car all day.