In deep water 陷入困境

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A man tries to cycle through flood water

A man struggles to pedal his bicycle through flood water in Florida, USA. Photo: Reuters/Phil Sears

In deep water 陷入困境

如果說某人 in deep water 那就是說此人陷入困境或處於水深火熱之中。


Although Florida is known as the 「Sunshine State」, it is often affected by tropical cyclones – weather systems which produce heavy rain and strong winds. Depending on the location and strength, these storms are sometimes called typhoons or hurricanes. The recent tropical storm – named 「Debby」 – passed across the region and nearly 50cm of rain fell in just two days.

儘管佛羅里達州被稱為 陽光州 」, 它常常受到熱帶旋風的影響,產生大雨和強風。根據不同的位置和強度 , 這些風暴有時被稱為颱風和颶風。最近的這次被稱為 Debby 的熱帶風暴橫掃該地區,僅僅兩天之內降雨量就達到了 50 厘米。


We」re going to be in deep water if the bank can」t authorize our loan.

I'll be in deep water unless I pass all three exams.

She left her brother」s laptop on the train! She」s really going to be in deep water with him.


另一個短語 to open the floodgates 意思是打開水閘,打開大門,也可以表示傾訴。

The court's decision could open the floodgates for large numbers of other cases involving human rights issues.


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