To rub shoulders with … 同名流接触 …

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Image caption The prince and the frog. Prince Charles shows his support for a WWF scheme to encourage a new generation to embrace conservation by posing with an Ecuadorian stream tree frog, an endangered species discovered in the rain forest. Photo: Arthur Edwards.

To rub shoulders with … 同名流接觸 …

英語短語 to rub shoulders with (somebody) 意思是同名流相遇,接觸。


Mary was lucky get a job in a movie studio canteen. Now she might even rub shoulders with famous actors.

At the book launch I ended up rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of the literary world.


另一個短語 looking over his or her shoulder 意思是小心提防的。

Yesterday I took a wrong turn and ended up in the most derelict part of town. I was looking over my shoulder all the time till I found a taxi to take me home.