To face head-on 勇敢面对

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Image caption Youths enjoy a swim to cool off in a water channel in Amritsar; Northern India has been facing heat wave conditions in the last few weeks. Photo: Narinder Nanu.

To face head-on 勇敢面對

當我們 face (something) head-on 的時候,也就是說我們勇敢面對並處理碰到的問題或困難。


Shopkeepers are so concerned about the high crime rate in their area that they're putting commercial issues aside and getting together to tackle the problem head-on.

John was blind from childhood but his parents have always been proud of him. He's always been used to confronting his disabilities face-on.

Youth unemployment will continue to rise till the government decides to face the chronic lack of good schools head-on.


如果你 keep your head down, 那麼就是說表現很低調,避免引起他人的注意力。

Joan's boss is in a foul mood today and she's been avoiding trouble by keeping her head down.