Sink or swim 孤注一掷

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Image caption Participants swim during the first event of the Ironman triathlon competition in Haugesund, Norway. Photo: Jan Kaare Ness.

Sink or swim 孤注一擲

如果使用 sink or swim 這個短語,你的意思就是在一種特定情況下, 孤注一擲,成敗在此一舉。


Mary has decided to open a clothes shop in spite of the current economic recession. Let's see if she will sink or swim.

I've been accepted by one of the best universities in Britain. It will be a tough year and I know my family is wondering if I'll sink or swim.


如果說 to have a sinking feeling 那就是一個人對什麼事情有一種不祥的預感。

The main player in the team has just got a red card! I've a sinking feeling that my team is going to lose this match.