Step by step 一步一步地

更新時間 2012年 7月 13日, 星期五 - 格林尼治標準時間10:48
BBC World Service director Peter Horrocks walking down a staircase

Director Peter Horrocks walks down a staircase after the final BBC World Service news bulletin was delivered from Bush House in central London. Photo: Suzanne Plunkett

Step by step 一步一步地

當我們做事情 step by step 的時候,意思就是一步一步地做,逐步地完成。


The BBC World Service broadcast from Bush House for the final time on 12 July 2012, after more than 70 years in the building. When it opened in 1925, it was considered the most expensive building in the world, with a cost estimated at £2m. The building has been the location of numerous historic moments, including King George V addressing the British Empire from the building in 1932.

歷時70多年後, 2012年7月12日英國國際廣播電台從布什大廈完成了最後一次播音。1925年布什大廈剛剛對外開放時,它被認為是當時世界上最昂貴的大樓,建築成本被估為兩百萬英鎊。這幢大廈曾見證過無數次歷史性時刻,其中包括英國國王喬治五世對大英帝國1932年的演講就是從這裏播出的。


I've got to pack up all of my belongings before we move. I've got so many things, but I'll just have to do it step by step.

Here is a handy guide to help you pass your driving test, step by step.

It takes a long time to plan a wedding; you have to do it step by step.


如果你讓他人step on it, 意思就是讓他們快點兒。 

We'll have to hurry if you're going to make the 17.15 train – come on, step on it!


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