Keep me posted 保持联系

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Neil: Hello, I'm Neil.

Helen: 還有我 Helen. Neil, 你今天怎樣?

Neil: Not good.

Helen: 怎麼啦?

Neil: I posted my house-keys.

Helen: 你把你大門鑰匙給寄走了?哎呀,你是不是搞錯了,把鑰匙當成信給扔信筒裏了?

Image caption Keep me posted. But what does it mean?

Neil: Yes, I got it mixed up. Instead of putting a letter in, I put my keys in.

Helen: Oh dear.

Neil: But I have my address attached to my keys, so maybe they'll get back to me.

Helen: Yes, 可能好心人會寄回來給你。不過你可能面臨更大的危險,因為有人既有你的住址信息又有你的大門鑰匙。

Neil: Oh no, burglars might get in! I'd better wait outside to see what happens.

Helen: OK, good luck.

Neil: I'll keep you posted. See you later!

Helen: Neil 說 keep me posted. 這並不是說他要把我給寄走。這個通俗短語的意思是他會和我保持聯繫,告訴我事情發展的情況。請聽以下幾個例子:

I don't know what time they're arriving, but I'll keep you posted!

Keep me posted on how things go in your new job!

I kept them posted on what was happening.

Helen: 希望 Neil 能找回他的大門鑰匙. Hello?

Neil: Hi, it's Neil.

Helen: Neil! Any news

Neil: Well, someone posted my keys back to me.

Helen: Great!

Neil: But they put them through the letterbox!

Helen: Oh no. 你的鑰匙回來了,但你被鎖在門外了。

Neil: And I'm stuck! I tried to get through a window but I don't fit. I'm half-in, half-out.

Helen: 什麼?你被窗戶夾住了!

Neil: Thank goodness for that, help must be arriving.

Police: Don't move!

Neil: Does it look like I can move?

Police: Hands on your head!

Helen: 聽起來有人報警了,他們肯定認為 Neil 想偷東西。

Neil: But, this is my house!

Police: Is it indeed?

Helen: 我不跟你多講了,你先和警察解釋吧。But do keep me posted Neil!

Neil: Keep you posted! How am I going to do that if I'm locked up? Arrested for for breaking into my own house!

Helen: Bye!