To carry a torch for someone 單相思

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A man carrying the Olympic torch.

A man carrying the Olympic torch outside the BBC」s offices in White City, London. Photo by BBC Learning English.


英語短語 carry a torch for someone 字面意思是為某人舉著火炬,實際意思就是單相思。


The Olympic torch relay passed through White City, which was the site of the very first London Olympics held in 1908. The stadium was demolished in 1985 and BBC offices were built in its place. A plaque on the wall marks the place where the stadium's finishing line was.

奧運火炬傳遞經過了BBC 媒體大廈 White City. 此地是1908年首屆奧運會的舉辦地點。老體育館在1985年被推翻,BBC在此處建起了辦公大樓。牆上的一塊牌匾標記著當時體育場館內田徑賽道的終點。


John has carried a torch for Jane for years but she doesn't seem to notice.

"George is such a nice guy, isn't he?
You carry a torch for him, don't you?
No! Well yes actually… is it obvious?"


另一個短語 to carry the can 意思是替人受過。

Example: The boss is so lazy but when there's a mistake I always have to carry the can for him.


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