To have your eye on the ball 全神贯注

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Image caption Wang Hao of China watches the ball during the table tennis men」s gold medal singles match against Zhang Jike. Photo: Saeed Khan.


當你 have your eye on the ball, 那麼就是說你把注意力都放了這件事情上,全神貫注。


I've got my driving test this afternoon. I really need to keep my eye on the ball if I'm going to pass.

I'm going on safari today. If I keep my eye on the ball, I might be lucky and see a lion!

Keep your eye on the ball with this project – we need to make sure we deliver it on time!


如果你 drop the ball, 那就是說你犯錯誤了,做錯事了。

I really dropped the ball in that interview – there's no chance I'll get the job.