Fall at the first hurdle 倒在第一关

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption China's Liu Xiang falls after crashing into the first hurdle during the men's 110m hurdles in London 2012. Photo: Lucy Nicholson.


如果你 fall at the first hurdle, 意思就是在做某件事情的時候,在一開始就犯了錯誤或失敗了。


The football team fell at the first hurdle when they were knocked out of the tournament in the opening game.

My plan to travel the world fell at the first hurdle when I realised I'd lost my passport before I even left the country.

His efforts to save money fell at the first hurdle when the washing machine broke down and he had to buy a new one.


另一個短語 fall or bend over backwards 意思是為取悅他人而竭盡全力。

I fell over backwards to make a nice meal for my mother-in-law.

I always bend over backwards to make sure my work is accurate.