Knight in shining armour 救难英雄

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A knight in shining armour 這個短語的傳統意思是拯救少女的身著閃光盔甲的騎士。如今指幫人排憂解難的英雄人物。


David came to help me when my car broke down - he's my knight in shining armour.

Thank you for bringing me that coffee - you're my knight in shining armour!

I just cannot get this computer to work. I need a knight in shining armour to come and fix it for me.


英語單詞 knight 是盔甲騎士的意思,這個詞的發音與英語中的黑夜 night 同樣,需要特別注意。

During the dead of night, a knight rode into the castle to rescue the princess.