Record-breaking 破纪录的

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Image caption Jamaica's Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir celebrate winning gold, silver and bronze in the men's 200m final. Photo: Olivier Morin.


當我們形容什麼事情是 record-breaking, 這就是說這件事是破了以前所有的紀錄。


You will have to run very fast to achieve a record-breaking time in the marathon.

I'm pleased to say that the charity fundraiser has raised a record-breaking total of seven million pounds!

The most an athlete could ever wish for is to go down in history by achieving a record-breaking result.


短語 off the record, 意思是不能公開說的話,是要保密的。

Off the record, I personally think that the boss made a bad decision.