Making the grade 達標了

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A-level students celebrate their results

Students at Clifton College in Bristol celebrating their A-level results.


如果某人或某事被形容為 makes the grade, 意思是說他們達標了,符合要求,成功了。但這個短語往往用於否定句式,比如當什麼事情沒做好或不符合要求的時候。請注意以下例句中這個短語的用法。


There has been a fall in the proportion of A-levels awarded an A or A* grade for the first time in over two decades. This summer's results show 26.6% of A-level entries achieved the top two grades - down from 27% last year. About 335,000 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been receiving their results - with many finding out whether they have made the grade for university.

英國高考成績中A 和 A*成績的比例在過去20年來首次降低。
今年夏季公布的成績中26.6% 的考分達到了這兩個最高分,而去年的比例則是27%。
大約有 335,000 名英格蘭、威爾士和北愛爾蘭的高中畢業生這兩天陸續收到了自己的高考成績單,大多數學生也將由此得知是否達到了報考大學的分數線。


The marking of exams has been tougher this year and many students just didn't make the grade.

This work is awful. It simply doesn't make the grade.

I have every confidence in you and expect you to make the grade.


當你 grade someone down on something 這就是說你給別人的表現打低分,這是因為他們可能犯了某個錯誤。

I'm afraid I had to grade you down on your essay for poor spelling.


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