On top of the world 幸福至極

更新時間 2012年 8月 20日, 星期一 - 格林尼治標準時間16:08
Miss World Yu Wenxia of China

Yu Wenxia of China waves after she was crowned Miss World 2012. Photo by Andy Wong.


當我們說某人 on top of the world 字面意思是這個人在世界頂端,但實際是說此人處於最快樂或最成功的境界。類似漢語裏的幸福至極,心滿意足。


The Miss World beauty contest is a well-known international beauty pageant that takes place every year. After the first contest in 1951, the bikini was banned and replaced by more modest swimwear. This year, Yu Wenxia became China's second Miss World winner. The second-place contestant is Sophie Moulds of Wales, while Jessica Kahawaty of Australia came third.

世界小姐選美比賽是全球聞名的一年一度的選美盛會。1951 年第一次比賽後,三點式泳裝被禁止,參賽者須穿較含蓄的泳裝參賽。今年評出的世界小姐是來自中國的選手於文霞,這也是中國選手第二次贏得世界小姐的桂冠。獲得本次比賽第二名和第三名的選手分別是來自威爾士的 Sophie Moulds 和來自澳大利亞的 Jessica Kahawaty.


Winning a gold medal was the happiest moment of my life. I was on top of the world.

He's so happy now that he's recovered from his illness - he feels on top of the world.

Lucy has really bad mood swings. One minute she's on top of the world, and the next she's irritable and bad-tempered.


英語中有許多形容快樂的詞語表達, 例如 on top, ecstatic, thrilled, delighted, happy as can be.

My daughter was thrilled when she got her exam results.

Amy was delighted when they offered her the job.

Ed's girlfriend is moving in with him. He's happy as can be.


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