Packed like sardines 擁擠不堪

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Visitors in a pool in Sichuan province

Visitors are packed like sardines in a pool at a tourist resort in Sichuan province. Photo: Reuters.


短語 packed like sardines 字面意思是擠得像罐頭裏的沙丁魚,也就是形容在人多的場合下,擁擠不堪的場面,就像圖中所示。


There is evidence that Egyptians practised swimming as early as 2500 BCE. In Greece and Rome swimming was an important part of martial arts training. It was only in the 19th century that swimming became a very popular sport and in 1896 it was included in the Olympic Games.

有證據顯示,早在公元前 2500 年埃及人就開始練習游泳了。在希臘和羅馬游泳是武術訓練中的一個重要組成部分。而這項運動僅僅是在 19 世紀時才成為流行運動,並在 1896 年列入奧運比賽項目。


I hate getting the train in the morning. We're all packed like sardines and it's always hot and smelly.

Henry didn't stay at the party for very long – he said there were so many people they were packed like sardines.

The fans were packed like sardines at the music festival.


另一個形容擁擠情況的短語是 chock-a-block, 請看例句:

I'm afraid I'm going to be late as I'm stuck in traffic. The streets are chock-a-block with cars today.

The bar was so chock-a-block with people that I couldn't move!


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