The life and soul of the party 交際場上的靈魂人物

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A boy jumps from a diving platform in Germany.

Performers dance in the streets of London at the Notting Hill Carnival. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images


The Notting Hill Carnival is Europe's biggest street festival and takes place every summer. The streets of West London come alive with parades of colourful costumes and thousands of spectators. The Caribbean-inspired carnival started in 1964 and is now in its 48th year.

諾丁山狂歡節是歐洲最大的街頭遊行盛會,每年夏天在倫敦舉行。多姿多彩和色澤鮮艷的狂歡隊伍及前來湊熱鬧的人們密布於倫敦西部的許多大街小巷。這個受加勒比海啟發的狂歡節開始於 1964 年,這已經是第 48 個年頭了。


當我們形容某人為 the life and soul of the party, 這就是說這個人非常善於社交,在社交場合中成為焦點。


Johnny was talking to everyone and telling funny jokes. He was the life and soul of the party.

I love going out with George because he's always the life and soul of the party. A night out with him is never boring!

Chloe is extremely sociable and chatty. She was the life and soul of the party last night.


另一個短語 heart and soul 字面意思是心與靈魂,可以用來比喻某人全心全意地投入到某件事情中去。

Sophia was an extremely dedicated employee and put her heart and soul into this project.

I really put my heart and soul into this painting, so I hope you like it.


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