A finger in every pie 每件事情都參與

更新時間 2012年 9月 11日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間13:41

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rosie: Hi and welcome to Authentic Real English. Today we're having an office party with the whole BBC Learning English team.

Helen: And we're eating some delicious cakes and pies that Jen has baked for us. 我的同事 Jen 還帶來了她做的蛋糕和水果派。Have you tried the apple tart?

Rosie: Mmm... It's so tasty... Jen really has a lot of different skills, doesn't she?

A fruit pie

Has Jen really got her finger in every pie?

Helen: Yeah, she really gets involved in loads of different activities. 她做好多事情,可忙了。She's always organising different parties, goes rowing... and did you know she works as a weather presenter at the weekend too?

Rosie: And she's a really good cook - this blueberry crumble is just delicious. She really does have a finger in every pie.

Helen: Err, really? 這些糕點味道是不錯,不過 Jen 把手指放在裏面,太不衛生了吧!I think I've just lost my appetite.

Rosie: That's not what I meant when I said she has a finger in every pie. It means she gets involved in a lot of different things.

Helen: 你是說如果某人 has a finger in every pie, 意思是他們做很多事情,樣樣活動都參與。Is it a good thing then?

Rosie: Well, in this case, when I said Jen has a finger in every pie I meant it as a good thing, but it can sometimes suggest someone gets involved in things when they shouldn't.

Helen: So it can be a good or a bad thing. Let's have a look at some examples:

  • If you need any information just ask Annabel. She has a finger in every pie and always knows the answer.
  • At work I'm a teacher but I also do some accounting and organise the end-of-term play. I like to have a finger in every pie!
  • "I can't seem to do anything without him being there – yesterday I went to the photography club and he was there." "Well, unfortunately he does have a finger in every pie."

Helen: 原來這個短語也有貶義,也就是指某人多管閒事,參與不應該管的事情。

Rosie: Shakespeare used it in his play Henry VIII. In the play it's used as a criticism of someone who gets involved in everything when he shouldn't:

No man's pie is freed
From his ambitious finger.

Helen: So the person criticised here feels the need to put his 'ambitious finger' in every single pie that is baked... 莎翁在他的舞台劇《亨利八世》中也提到了這個短語,其中一個角色非要嘗每一個烤好的派。

Rosie: Yes, which means he gets involved in things he shouldn't.

Helen: 莎翁的劇本說法稍有不同,現在我們說 someone has a finger in every pie.

Rosie: Yes, it's slightly less poetic than "No man's pie is freed from his ambitious finger".

Helen: 的確聽起來沒有莎翁的劇本那麼好聽,不過意思都一樣。Well, this is all very interesting, but I think I might have a slice of peach pie... 這麼多好吃的水果派,我還餓著呢,可不能放棄。

Rosie: No pie is freed from your greedy fingers, is it Helen? Only joking...


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