May the best man win 願最佳者勝出

更新時間 2012年 9月 11日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間11:19
Andy Murray wins the US Open.

Andy Murray kisses the trophy after winning the US Open. Photo Elsa/Getty Images.


Tennis star Andy Murray ended Britain's 76-year wait for a Grand Slam singles champion, after beating rival Novak Djokovic in the US Open final. Murray, who also won gold in the tennis at the Olympics, said he was "a little bit shocked, very relieved and very emotional" when he realised he had won the high-profile competition.

在英國等待了76年之後,網球明星安迪•穆雷在美國網球公開賽決賽中終於擊敗對手諾瓦克•德約科維奇獲得大滿貫單打冠軍為國爭光。穆雷在2012奧運網球決賽中也贏得金牌。 他說,當他意識到自己在這備受矚目的競賽中贏得了如此殊榮之後有些震驚,不過感到非常寬慰,也很激動。


英語短語 「May the best man win」 意思是願最佳者勝出。


My best friend and I are both going for the same job interview. All I can say is, "May the best man win".

I've got tickets for the Wimbledon final! I don't have a favourite player, so may the best man win.

You've both worked very hard for this race, so I know you'll do your best. May the best man win!


如果形容某人是 onto a winner 那麼意思就是某人將成為贏家。

I think I'm onto a winner with these new cupcakes – I've sold 100 this morning alone!

We'll be onto a winner if we can set up our ice-cream business before the end of the summer.


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