Shut up! 閉嘴!

更新時間 2012年 9月 25日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間13:58

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Li and Rosie are at the cinema)

Li: No, come on - don't do it! 別進去!

Rosie: Li, she's an actress in a film, she can't hear you. And besides, it's rude to talk in the cinema.

Li: But it's just so frustrating. Don't go into the house! Don't do it! Noooo! I can't watch. 不行不行,我看不了!

Rosie: Li, shut up!

Li: I know, he's shut her up in that house and won't let her go. 她被鎖住了,出不來了...

Rosie: No, Li... I didn't mean that he 'shut' her up in the house. I was telling you to 'shut up'. It's a rude way of saying 'Be quiet'.

Spectator: Excuse me, will you please shut up?

A woman with her finger to her mouth, meaning 'be quiet' or 'shut up'

Be careful when you use this phrase

Rosie: I'm really sorry. Li, I can't take you anywhere.

Li: Oh well look, the film is over now, anyway. Sorry about the talking, but I just get a bit carried away. 我有點落入電影的情節裏了。

Rosie: Well, I'm sorry I told you to shut up. It is quite a rude expression in English, but you just kept talking and talking and just wouldn't shut up!

Li: 這麼說,當我想要其他人別出聲的時候就可以說閉嘴?So, can I tell someone to shut up when they are making noise?

Rosie: You can, but it's informal and can be rude. So if you're in a formal context you should say something like, "Could you please be quiet?"

Li: 好吧,在開會的時候不能使用 shut up 這個短語, 這太不禮貌了。可以說: Could you please be quiet? 不過我要是真的跟朋友不耐煩了,我可以對他們說 shut up.

Rosie: Yes, although sometimes it's used when people are joking in English. Let's listen to some examples:

  • "I'm so tired. And thirsty. When are we going to get there? If only you'd drive a bit faster..."
  • "Will you please shut up? I can't concentrate with your constant moaning."
  • "I look fat in this dress. It's so clingy!"
  • "Oh shut up! You look great."
  • "I just read the whole book in an hour."
  • "Shut up! No one can read that quickly."

Rosie: So, in that first example, we heard the expression 'shut up' used in a serious way. But in the second and third examples, it doesn't mean we want someone to be quiet - it means: "I don't believe you" or "Don't be ridiculous!"

Li: 這麼說,如果某人說的話讓你覺得可笑,那麼你就可以說 shut up. 但是對方一定是關係不錯的朋友,千萬要記住啊! You've been warned!

Rosie: Well, one thing's for sure, I'm never, and I mean never, going to the cinema with you again.

Li: Shut up! I don't believe you... 我才不信 Rosie 的話呢,所以我對她說 shut up! You love going to cinema with me. I always buy you popcorn!

Rosie: Shut up! I always get the popcorn!

Li: Oh... shut up.

Rosie: You shut up...

Li: No you shut up.

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