Hanging around 無所事事

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A truck hangs from the Chavantes bridge near Fartuna, Brazil.

A truck hangs from the Chavantes bridge near Fartuna, Brazil. Photo: Helio Inumaru/AP


Alexander Graham Bell, who was born in Scotland in 1847, is credited with inventing the telephone. In 1876 he was awarded the first US patent for his new invention. Bell was a British citizen for most of his early life. He applied for American citizenship after 1877, gained it in 1882, and referred to himself as an American citizen from that point on.

電話發明者亞歷山大•格雷厄姆•貝爾 1847 年出生在蘇格蘭。1876 年, 他是第一位在美國被授予發明專利的人。貝爾以英國公民的身份度過了他大部分的早期生活。1877 年之後他申請了美國國籍,於 1882 年獲得批准。從那時起貝爾稱自己是一名美國公民。


如果形容某人是 hanging around, 意思就是此人無所事事,沒有目的閒逛。


I like going shopping with my friends but we spend most of the day just hanging around in the mall.

I don't think he really loves me. I'm getting sick of hanging around waiting for him to call.

There is nothing for teenagers to do round here. They just spend their evenings hanging around street corners.


Hanging up on someone 意思是在通話過程中(由於某種原因)一個人突然把電話掛斷。

If you don't stop shouting at me, I'm hanging up right now!


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