Shoo-in 十拿九穩

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A man lies inside a giant shoe.

Chen Mingzhi, a shoe designer, lies inside his handmade 1.9 metre long shoe at his family store in Wenling, China. Photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters


It is believed the term 'a shoo-in' is derived from horse racing when, during a corrupt or 'fixed' race, a slower horse would be encouraged to finish ahead of the others.

據信術語「十拿九穩」來自賽馬。 在一個腐敗的,「有內定」的賽馬比賽中, 將通過某種手段促使一個較慢的馬超越其他競爭對手贏第一。


如果形容一個人是 a shoo-in 意思就是說這個人是十拿九穩,幾乎就是確定的人選。

注意:這個短語的發音同 'shoe' (鞋子)一樣,但是拼寫不同。


Rachel thought she'd be a shoo-in for a promotion within the company.

After such a successful role, the actor was a shoo-in for an award nomination.

He's a shoo-in to win the next election. He'll win easily.


另一個短語 to be in someone else's shoes 意思是換位思考,設身處地。

If you were in her shoes, you wouldn't have gambled that money away.


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