To bubble over 充滿喜悅的感情

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A giant bubble is formed around a group of children.

Ukrainian children in Kiev take part in a world record attempt for the most people in a bubble. Photo: Gleb Garanich/Reuters


Soap bubble artists give entertaining performances, creating all sorts of interesting shapes and formations with their bubbles. These often include creating a bubble around people. The World Record for the most people inside a soap bubble was set in Canada in 1994, with 181 people inside a 4-metre-high bubble.

肥皂泡藝術家們往往給觀眾帶來快樂的娛樂表演, 他們能用肥皂泡創造出各種有趣的形狀和編排。這也包括用肥皂泡來包圍人們。一個肥皂泡裝人最多的世界紀錄是1994年在加拿大創下的,當時有181人被一個4米高的肥皂泡包圍了。


當某人處於 bubbling over 的狀態,這就意味著他洋溢著激動的心情, 抑制不住這種興奮的感覺。這個短語往往用來形容喜悅,自豪或興奮的心情。


Lesley's son has just graduated and she's bubbling over with pride.

Annabel was so happy when she opened her Christmas presents - she was bubbling over!

I'm so excited about our holiday – I'm bubbling over at the moment.


如果你 burst 某人的 bubble, 那就是說你破滅了他們的夢想或幻想。

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but there won't be any staff bonuses this year.


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