In someone's good books 得到某人的好感

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A woman sorting books at a book fair.

A woman sorts books at a book fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo: Ralph Orlowski/Reuters


The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the world, with over 7,000 exhibitors and 3,000 different events. Book fairs celebrate literature, past and present, and also encourage innovation in reading, such as the development of digital platforms like e-readers.



如果你在某人的 good books 上, 那就是說他們對你有好感。


I'm in my mother's good books, as I took her out for a surprise dinner last night.

Anna really gets on my nerves – she's always trying to get into the boss」s good books.

My brother is not in my good books today – he broke my mp3 player!


如果有人被形容為 an open book, 這就是說他們很容易流露自己的感情。

Lucy is a real open book: there's never any doubt as to what her opinions are.


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