Poles apart 天壤之別,截然不同

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Indian army soldiers perform Malkhamb during an army exhibition.

Indian army soldiers perform 'Malkhamb', a form of traditional Indian gymnastics, during a two-day army exhibition in Allahabad. Photo: Jitendra Prakesh/Reuters


Malkhamb is a traditional Indian sport, whose origin dates back to the twelfth century. Competitors jump onto a vertical, wooden pole and perform different gymnastic moves for around 90 seconds. Performing well involves incredible strength and stamina.

Malkhamb 是印度古代的一項體育運動,可以追溯到12世紀。參賽者需要在一根垂直的木桿上表演不同的體操動作,限時90秒左右。精彩的表演能顯示出選手難以置信的能力和耐力。


當兩件事情,東西或人被形容為 poles apart, 這就是說他們截然不同,完全不一樣。


Even though Sarah and Kate are identical twins, their personalities are poles apart.

Our new manager is poles apart from the old one – she has completely different ideas.

We would like to offer you the job! Your interview was excellent and you were poles apart from the other candidates.


當你處於 pole position, 這就意味著你身處贏得比賽的最佳位置。

Angelina Jolie's last film was such a success – I think she'll be in pole position to win an Oscar.


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