Baby Mozart 蘇格蘭啟發嬰兒音樂細胞

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Vocabulary: music 詞匯:音樂

A baby

Will this help people to enjoy classical music more?

Every baby born in Scotland in the next year will receive a CD to inspire a love of classical music.

The discs will be distributed to all 220 register offices across the country and are expected to reach up to 60,000 families.

The compilation titled Astar, Gaelic for 'journey', features Scottish songs, nursery rhymes and classical works by Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Mozart – himself a child prodigy.

The CD was recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) and its Junior Chorus, led by music director Peter Oundjian.

He said: "When I was an infant my godfather gave me a tiny record player. I have found that the power and beauty of music can truly transform lives."

According to the RSNO, recent studies have shown that listening to music has a positive impact on young children's cognitive development.

Some researchers have even suggested that playing music to babies in the womb can be beneficial as it may help build their neural bridges along which thoughts travel.

The Scottish government doesn't go as far as embracing controversial theories like that, but is hoping that families may become more in tune with each other.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, said: "It will help to give babies the best possible start in life, strengthen the building of parent-child bonds, and encourage families to use music to enhance learning in the home."

But some commentators don't sing from the same hymn sheet as the authorities and are not sure if it's worth making a song and dance about this initiative.

Fraser McAlpine, a blogger specialising in music, suggests that Scottish charity shops might be full of never-played CDs in the future.

Quiz 測驗

1. How will the CDs be given away?

Through 220 register offices across Scotland.

2. Look at the article. Music by which famous composers will be included in the CD?

Classical works by Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Mozart.

3. Is the following statement true, false or not given? The initiative to give classical CDs to every baby born in Scotland won public acclaim everywhere.

False. The article says that some commentators are not sure if it's worth making a song and dance about this initiative.

4. Where might the CDs end up, according to the blogger mentioned in the article?

They might end up in Scottish charity shops.

5. What word in the text means a group of singers who sing together?

A chorus.

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