See the point (of something) 理解要點

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The points of Russian army standards in Red Square.

In Moscow」s Red Square, Russian servicemen prepare for an event to mark the anniversary of a parade in 1941 when Soviet soldiers marched through the square towards battle in World War II. Photo: Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters


The name of Moscow's Red Square has nothing to do with communism or with the colour of many of its buildings. It derives from the word 'krasnyi', which once meant 'beautiful', and has only come to mean 'red' in contemporary Russian.

莫斯科紅場的名字來源其實與共產主義和其周圍多個建築的顏色沒有關係。紅場一名來源於俄語單詞 'krasnyi' 原有「美麗」之意,直到當代俄語中才有了 「紅色」之意。


To see the point 的意思是明白理解一件事情的重要性。


We can't see the point of doing this exercise; it's a waste of time.

I can see your point.

Now I can see the point of all this training.


短語 to point something out 的意思指出、點明某事。

She pointed out the three tallest buildings in the city.


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